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JEWELRY ART: Stones that are placed in my jewelry are natural stones. The beauty of precious stones is secondary to the spiritual meaning and significance to each piece I create. My foundation for jewelry making started with the telephone man who would often give me copper wiring that was flexible enough to mold into various designs. Another element of my creativity was the art of finding interesting stones that I could equate to significant backstories that would match their beauty and colorful brilliance. When I combine my stones with my creative and colorful wires, each creation is it’s own masterpiece.  

I have found that the stones that have been the most popular with my customers have varied. However, I find that people often select my pieces based on the looks and beauty, Every piece is uniquely handmade by myself, I enjoy using natural gemstones, some of my most popular requested stones are to name a few: (Agates, Amethyst, Jasper, Obsidian, Turquoise)

I fully embody the philosophy that the art, creative nature and eclectic vibe of my hometown of San Francisco where I have learned to envision the products, make the patterns for production and create the prototypes for my designs. I can truly say that for the last 45 years I have perfected the art of my Jewelry making process and clothing designs. The smiles and accolades have shown me that I have blessed a number of my customers with amazing wearable art. My customers know that they are not just acquiring product but are buying a “feeling.”