By Bobby Mardis

Valerie is an amazing clothing designer who has retired from her Government job after many years, while operating her clothing, jewelry and embroidery businesses. Valerie finds herself spending every free moment designing fashions, purchasing fabric and sewing product and completing her own quality control.  As a “one-man-band” she finds that work is never done, but on the other hand, she loves what she does and finds it easy to continue the daily grind. After a collection of designs have been created and manufactured, she knows that the real work is constantly in front of her.  Marketing and sales is yet another bridge that every entrepreneur has to cross. Valentina finds herself loading up her truck heads for fashion marketplaces like the “Magic” event held in Las Vegas where other designers converge to sell their goods to larger outlets. She finds herself selling product all over the country including her specialty items that she takes to San Diego’s Comic-Con where she has sold a line of embroidered clothing for children, pets and superhero fans.  Her designs have even bled over to jewelry and women accessories.  Valentina has found success in placing a line of clothing in Macy’s and Nordstroms, her passion of creating both women, men’s and children clothing.

Valerie Valentina has burst into another market of creating embroidered jackets for large groups, clubs and organizations. Her creativity coupled with persistence, drive and tenacity has elevated her brand to the level of being noticed by Floyd Mayweather who now wears one of her custom jackets specifically made for him. Other people of note include Charlie Wilson, Angela Bassett, Derrick Simmons, and Eddie Murphy to name a few. Her new goal is to acquire more celebrity endorsements for her clothing by making the custom designs for them to wear on their film, television and sporting events. 

Although most of her free time hours is spent creating and calculating new ways of penetrating markets and expanding her business, Valentina contends that, “Hard work and the grace of God has now placed her in the position of leaving her full time Government job and making her passion profitable.”  She says some other elements to build upon are collateral, good credit history, money in the bank and an experienced mentor.

Valentina suggests that you avoid getting comfortable on your day job and keep grinding until you realize your true passion. She says that, “Your primary job is only a financial stepping stone and gives you some financial security to pursue what you love.” 

For more information, go to ValerieValentina.com & LittleFoxWear.com & For Kids Clothing Visit @energyskids.com