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Boho & hippie Natural Gemstone & Raw Brass, Black labradorite  Bracelet, gives balance and protects the aura. It is excellent for strengthening institution and reliefs anxiety and stress. Labradorite is fantastic worn alone or with other favorite bracelets. keep in mind that because of the nature of gemstones there will be some variations in the finished product. Stretchy Bracelet, Handmade Women/Men
Philippine Black Ebony Hardwood AKA Kamagong Pacific-Ocean Pearly-White Spiral Troca Shell Double-Sided Inlay Grade AAA 100% Natural Color- Not Dyed Color, Not Color Enhanced, Not Chemical Treated.
8MM, 10MM Emerald Green Gold Quartz Smooth Round Bead Gemstone

Brass Bracelet Boho & Hippie Natural Gemstone

💦Caring For Your Bracelet

🌟 Remove bracelet before entering water and bedtime
🌟 Do not overstretch the elastic band - Roll bracelet onto your wrist
🌟 How to clean your bracelet using natural sunlight, sage, or full moon

🇺🇸🇺🇸 Made the USA
🛍Perfect gift