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Natural Gemstone Bracelet

"Elevate your wrist game with our Raw Brass and Black Labradorite Bracelet – a fusion of raw elegance and timeless style. Handcrafted with precision, this bracelet seamlessly combines the rustic charm of raw brass with the mesmerizing allure of black labradorite. Each bead tells a story, making it a unique accessory for any occasion. Embrace the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication with #RawBrassLabradoriteBracelet. Crafted for the trendsetter, this bracelet redefines personalized jewelry. Make a statement with every wear, showcasing the beauty of raw materials and the mystique of labradorite. Upgrade your style effortlessly with this bespoke accessory."


Philippine Black Ebony Hardwood AKA Kamagong Pacific-Ocean Pearly-White Spiral Troca Shell Double-Sided Inlay Grade AAA 100% Natural Color- Not Dyed Color, Not Color Enhanced, Not Chemical Treated.

8MM, 10MM Smooth Round Bead Gemstone

BRACELET FIT SIZE: 6.5 to 7 | 7.5 to 8 INCHES | 8 to 8.5

I'm not claiming that my natural gemstones bracelets can cure, heal or treat any disease or illness or to treatment any medical condition. Not be used as a substitute for medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis. 

These stones have not been approved or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.


🇺🇸 Made the USA

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