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Du Rag, Do Rag, Waves, Unisex Du Rags, Dreadlocks Cap, Braids, Head Wrap, Made in USA

Custom Made Unisex Premium Quality Velvet Durag, designed to lock in waves or dreadlocks making wave patterns also for keeping your hair in place from frizzing.

🛍Take your waves to the next level! Locks in more moisture, keep hair moisturized and stylish at the same time! providing superior quality, silky velvet durag provide
maximum comfort and style, my unique, form-fitting durag will provide you with endless waves training hair while you sleep.

 🛍 Most importantly the long strings allows you tie in several ways for a hot fashion statement. comfortable tie hair without cutting off circulation to your head. Very comfortable, on trend! 4 Way Stretch Material, Stretchy
hand wash hang dry. will last for years to come. Are one-size-fits-all! High quality machine or hand wash with a friendly and a luxurious fit. Get the waves you want, secure your waves
Allow your waves to hit their full spin potential while standing out with our stylish durags.

🛍Head wrap, Wave wrap, Men durag, do-rag, wave cap, men hair accessory, locs,braid, dreads, bandana, biker, head covering, Hair accessories, Headwear head covering.

 🛍Headwear, boho hipster fashion scarf, yoga accessory, pre tied head scarf.
fashionable hair accessory.

🛍Comfortable on the head velvet, velvet silky knit fabric soft material that’s easy to wrap. Women it will make you feel lovely.

🛍 Made from highest quality fabrics, stretchable material, soft bold colors velvet material on the outside, smooth comfortable silky knit on the inside.
simply wear as a fashionable hair accessory instead of a beanie. Light on the head feels as if there’s nothing on, wear from day too evening or just to be stylish.

🛍Superior quality, easy to wrap, stays put, very comfortable.
Headwear head covering, machine and hand wash friendly.

🛍Our products are constructed of the most durable and unique fabrics that will last forever. I use only High quality fabrics therefore I have no competition, The hottest durag collection on the planet!

🛍Being a professional Fashion Designer, Pattern Maker and Manufacturer
I provide the best designs, patterns and fabrics for my clients. Best Head Works was manufactured in the U.S.A. Designed by creator and designer Valerie Valentina. “Best Head Works,” the only Durag that you will ever need in the future.
Quality First.


🇺🇸🇺🇸 Made in USA