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"Celebrate diversity and self-expression with our LGBTQ Cotton Bonnet collection, a fusion of comfort and pride. Each bonnet is crafted from soft cotton, creating a stylish sanctuary for your hair. Embrace your unique identity with accessories that echo equality and acceptance. Perfect for any occasion, these bonnets redefine fashion with inclusivity at heart. Join the movement with #LGBTQ CottonBonnet, a collection that speaks volumes about love, individuality, and style. Elevate your look while making a statement – wear your pride with pride. Explore a world of fashion that embraces all identities, weaving a tapestry of unity and self-expression."



◈ Head Circumference 6" Diameter Small: 22"

◈ Head Circumference 7" Diameter Medium: 24"

◈ Head Circumference 8" Diameter Large: 26" 


🇺🇸 Made the USA 🛍Perfect gift